var ar katten - by marc bergerman

"hjalmar soderberg once asked, 'var ar katten?', at least, he did not ask this but others asked it of him.
and he was puzzled.
did there have to be a cat?
no. if we wish only to talk to ourselves or amongst our friends.
but if we wish to reach beyond that.. then it is expected.

for geoff bunn the unfound work was that same cat.
it is the expected.
the thing sought where none is needed.

clues are the what and the where of bunn's game.
they offer us at least a cat's collar!"

the unfound work: 27 pieces, uniquely identified, placed somewhere in europe. a piece of unfound art can be anything - a book, a painted canvas, a chair etc.. but an individual piece may only be understood (and so found) if the artist's clues are followed.
news: a new website all about the unfound work and clues will be on-line next year (2018)