geoff bunn; "for me art is just about painting, all of the rest is a sideshow"

in 2007 geoff bunn established the C A R T A Z I N I prize for his series of paintings called 'interior landscapes'.

"they are about our ever increasing isolation.. change and loss.. empty human spaces.."

he continues to produce paintings adding to this series today.

as with all of geoff bunn's 'interior' series - the canvases are approximately 2.50m x 1.20m, although sizes do vary slightly.
in terms of production, images are first designed using the latest digital techniques (any versions shown here or elsewhere on the internet are just digital images and not photographs of the actual canvases).
the finished digital image is then reproduced, and reworked, on canvas or board, as a 'traditional' paintings using either oil or acrylic.

painters have always used 'the latest technology'. jan vermeer, for example, famed for his realism, painted in the 17th century with the aid of a camera obscura. in using digital technology to produce the basic image, bunn is continuing a tradition of artists going back many centuries.

copyright note:
for copyright reasons, any images reproduced here are only late-stage digital images and not photographic reproductions of the actual paintings
consequently any images on this page are not subject to any copyright limitations and may be reproduced freely and without limitation with the sole condition that they are clearly identified as the art work of geoff bunn.