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Themes & Influences

"Whatever we do, we all have a range of things which influence and shape us, in all kinds of ways. And yes, sure, a lot of that is reflected back in my writing. It's kind of hard to pick only 3 or 4 themes to talk about. But I've given it a try... though on another day, I'd probably pick totally different things!"

  • Urban life

    "Shard End, Birmingham, England. It's where I grew up. Poor and white. Working in a factory, going to the pubs and clubs, college, all sorts. I wouldn't be me without Birmingham. I guess that's why British urban life features so often in my novels..."

  • Strong women

    "My Mom was born and raised in the shipyards of Govan, Glasgow. She was a wonderful woman, who everyone loved. But she wasn't the sort of woman you'd want to mess around! I'm sure that's a part of the reason why, in one form or another, strong and positive female characters take the real lead in most of my novels..."

  • Moments & Music

    "Music features in many of my novels. I grew up with music all around me and it has always played a huge role in my life. I write with music, too. Sometimes one tune for hours on end. In my books? Music often sets the mood, it fills the silences, it helps make the moment..."

  • Magic

    "Magic is hugely important to me. I don't mean wizards and wands - though in my fantasy books there is some of that - I mean connexions, feelings, the soul, our spirituality, those moments in life where something else seems to take brief control of our destiny. It, that magic, isn't a feature in all of my work, but it definitely plays an important role in some of my novels..."

The books

"I write all kinds of things. I get that some authors are happy to stick with one genre or one subject but, for me, I am interested in so many different aspects of our world... so I write romance, humour, mystery, I write about society, social issues stuff like gender and homelessness, also some travel and even a fantasy series. Lots of things. There's something for everyone, really!"


Reviews, contact details, events, and so on. Please do feel free to drop me a line about my books, or about writing in general, or just to say hello!

REVIEW: 'Blonde Boy, Red Lipstick'

Review by Rangzeb Hussain. "A daring and true love story from Birmingham..."

REVIEW: 'Blonde Boy, Red Lipstick'

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What Real Readers Say

"I write books for people like me. Ordinary people. And what they say matters more to me than anything else!"

"I really do enjoy anything by this Birmingham born and bred writer who captures moments in time with such insight".
Debbie P.
"That was one of the saddest stories I've ever read. My heart is shattered... Thank you Geoff".
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