1 - chance erreurs c'est la vie

2 - desire message personnel pour toi (oui, c'est pour toi)

3 - ideas real virtual reality

4 - purpose the only two functions of art

5 - ego self-centred and full of shit? aren't we all..

6 - work art is

7 - exposure exhibit at the gallery

8 - criticism critics always know best..

9 - celebrity a duchampian press

10 - appearance dix semblaient monts

notes to the above

i: the brilliant marcel duchamp knew: accidents chance luck errors, these make life these also make art
ii: act rather than desire (if you know this means you, mail me)
iii: reality is poorly understood: it ought not to be given but formed through experience and thought
iv: necessarily in the C20th artistic self-obsession replaced the artistic object but that time ought now to have passed
v: required - a strong sense of self and no real sense of self
vi: even in the kakistocratic art world sooner or later some work is needed
vii: not every rembrandt is a work of genius but every rembrandt is worth a lot of money
viii: how else can the inane v: be explained?
ix: black and white stories (sometimes) change careers
x: what we are all about all too often